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31 March 2010

The Pink Glove Dance

My friend Amy, a breast cancer survivor, sent this video today in hopes of making me smile. Well, it made me smile, but it also brought on a river of tears. This video was produced by the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, OR, a beautiful creation to support and promote breast cancer awareness. The video has gone completely viral including a separate web site that gives additional information about the song, the artist and the follow-up awareness efforts. .

Why did I cry? As I watched the video, I was quickly reminded of the many brilliant and wonderful medical professionals at the Rockefeller Cancer Institute who are working diligently to save my life. From oncologists and surgeons, to nurses and lab technicians, to receptionists and pathologists, and the rest – ALL of them comprise the care teams that are diligently working to cure hundreds of cancer patients each day. Watching the video was a very sentimental moment for me, causing me to contemplate how to thank them all. Any ideas?

The past two days have been very good for me - no mouth sores no fever, no infections. The daily medicines prescribed by Dr. Makhoul are obviously working since chemo treatment #2 has resulted in very little side effects! Yesterday I got a little excited about feeling so well, so I attended three meetings and lunch with some agency colleagues. At the end of the day, I was exhausted. So today, I stayed home and handled my work from here, between a few naps.

Thank you friends for your continued support and all of your love. I feel it and it keeps me energized each day. I oftentimes worry about those who are fighting cancer and have little or no support networks. You have made me a very lucky cancer patient. Thank you!

BLOGGER'S NOTE: This is the first time I've posted a video file on this blog. So, I think I'm going to need to consult with some experts as the right part of the screen is not visible. My recommendation for you to watch - click on the top left of the video screen so that you can watch it on YouTube so you can get the full effect.

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