A Mother and her Two Daughters

10 March 2010

Stacy Sells' Day Off from Cancer

It was a fabulous day working with great people like Bill, Ed, Sonja, Allen & Catherine, Rebecca & Denver - all of us trying to change the world, or at least improve educational opportunities in Arkansas.  These people give me energy and spirit, and their vision and optimism keeps me moving ahead in life.  I really did enjoy this very normal day. 

I've come home, it's now raining, and I've spent the last 30 minutes reading through cards from family and friends.  I do believe that the very best "get well" card on the planet was sent to me from my longtime friend Jennifer.  Jenn is a champion newspaper columnist and an expert on all things pop-culture.  For years we were bunko mates and Jenn's knowledge of the world of pop always made me feel like I was one hundred and ten years old.  She is a funny woman with much energy and life herself.  So, I have to share with you this TOTALLY FABULOUS get well card -- or kick cancer's butt card.  Isn't this great!!??

So, here's to a wonderful normal day, and to good friends who are in my corner.  Love you all!!

P.S.  As I shared this morning, I had planned to have absolutely stunning clothes and hair today.  However, when it came time for the hairdo, I could find NO HAIRSPRAY anywhere in the house.  I think I was robbed, even if it was by one of my two offspring.  Some things never change and remain quite normal.  I think this is good too.  

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