A Mother and her Two Daughters

20 March 2010

A Very Normal Spring Day

The first day of spring has fortunately been a very normal one for me.  

With thanks to Cissy and Steve, I was able to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors, a rather normal thing for most of you but something I truly relished today.  They surely thought I acted more like a kid in the candy store, a dog panting in the back seat of the car, than a 49-year old woman who was running a few normal Saturday errands. Not holding back my feelings whatsoever, I was marveled at the beautiful pear trees, jonquils, forsythia and the advent of the changing season.  Today I am most thankful for God’s beautiful world. 

Life has also been quite normal for my girls – even though in very opposite directions. 

With thanks to our friends Mark & Janet Baker, Anna-Lee has boarded Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, Oasis of the Seas, for a 7-day cruise with her BF Meg.  Here’s a photo they were nice enough to send via iPhone. Love you girls and know you’re having much fun!!

Allyson has enjoyed the weekend with her lovely Jeff – celebrating his birthday and tonight attending her last Chi Omega formal at Mizzou, all of this in about an inch of snow on the fist day of spring. 

Oh yeah, another normal thing in my life for the past several weeks . . . The Birdman of Little Rock (a.k.a. Skip) filled up my birdfeeders again this morning.  He’s as quiet as a mouse, never rings the bell, and I’ve yet to catch him in the act.  But I will one day. 

Oh, I forgot to mention . . . Beth helped me cut off the rest of my locks this morning.  It was much better than having them dropping into my soup and breakfast cereal.  It was exactly what the doctor recommended and it’s done, the hair is gone.  Beth was a real trooper and actually made it fun, even trying to convince me that I look younger with no hair.  Now that’s a friend.  And then Mom took me out to buy a few new shirts that are a bit for stylish with a baldhead.  Okay, maybe the haircut and the shirts for my new headdress are not very normal, but the rest of my day seemed to be. 

I’m at home resting, reading a great book my friend Janis brought by, and enjoying the rain.  Rebecca is on her way to babysit me; I mean we’ll have a sleepover at my house.  That’s normal between two grown women, isn’t it?

Once again, today I am celebrating a very normal weekend, and wishing you one as well.  Because being normal is so very beautiful. 


  1. So glad you had a normal day! I got you a CD from a friend who's a breast cancer surviver and a musician, will drop it off sometime in the next few days.

  2. It's amazing how wonderful normal can be!

    Keep up the good fight, Stacy! Your spirit is admirable. I love that you are blogging this experience. Yell if you need anything. -Kerri


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