A Mother and her Two Daughters

28 March 2010

Question: Is it Okay to Post Twice in One Day?

It’s almost 7 pm, I’m awake and it’s the second day that I feel good – very rested and without a strong bodily sense of cancer!  Maybe my chemo-induced sleep has passed and I’m back on the road to a sense of physical normalcy again.  Oh wouldn’t that be grand - to enjoy “normal” again on these beautiful spring days.

In addition to celebrating Palm Sunday, today I have celebrated being a mother.  Anna-Lee is home from her wonderful spring break cruise, with many thanks to Mark, Janet and Megan Baker.  She had so much fun, and since her homecoming I’m reminded of what a beautiful soul she is.  When I picked her up at the airport last night, Anna-Lee’s first words to me, as she found me among the crowd wearing my magic hat:  “Momma, you look beautiful.”  There wasn’t anything she could have said to me that was any more perfect.  And this morning she brought me home a cross made from a palm leaf from the PHUMC Palm Sunday service.  Thank you Anna-Lee for including me in today’s celebration. 

Today I have celebrated the life everlasting.  A dear friend continues to mourn the loss of his daughter a few years ago, and today would have been her birthday.  A few of us gathered at my home for lunch where we celebrated her birthday, talked about the loss of those we love, and shared stories about her beautiful life that touched so many.  We will forever miss Amy, and many others who have left this world too early for our liking.  But today we recognized that they will forever remain in our hearts. 

Today I also celebrated the community of friendship, for friends who continue to provide me with love and hope and color each day.  Yesterday a dear colleague, Jennifer, brought color to my yard in beautiful pots that now adorn my porch and front wall, sitting next to the lovely pot of lavender from friends Ken and Sandy.  When the doctors tell you that you cannot play with the color of spring, friends who create it with such beauty and love are friends you will always remember.  Today I am thankful for the color purple on my porch, for wonderful friends who continue to bring me color and feed my hope each day. 

Our longtime friend Spencer dropped by for a visit this afternoon, with a lovely framed photograph from a very special night in 2009 when we all celebrated Allyson’s 21st birthday at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Rogers.  It’s is a beautiful photo that reminds me of their 20+ year friendship, and how magical it has been to watch both of them grow up to become such happy and successful young adults. 

Today was good.  It started off with warm glazed donuts from Shipley’s, ending with my recent favorite movie “The Blind Side,” and included many nice things in the middle, such as masterful steaks grilled by Tim on the BBQ.  Today was a wonderful day.   

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