A Mother and her Two Daughters

25 March 2010

“Just tell yourself, Duckie, you’re really quite Lucky.”

I’m always amazed at how easily I can return to childhood memories, and remember the powerful lessons taught by Dr. Seuss, Winnie The Pooh or The Little Prince – so many beautiful lessons we learned as children, oftentimes read to us by our parents. 

I feel most fortunate that Tuesday's chemo has not meant any nausea; instead, just two days of feeling quite lethargic.  I keep telling myself that this is okay, that sleep is good for healing.  Again, Abbey Rose remains close by and helps me sleep this chemo cocktail off.  While I remain so terribly tired, my spirits stay high from the powerful love of dear friends.  

Today I began the morning eating some decadent meringue cookies that Mica and Greg made and brought by last night.  I’m sure they were prepared as a late night snack, but those delicious cookies served as MY “breakfast of champions."  Later I received a most thoughtful note from former CJRW colleague Erica.  Was her dream about us having coffee together a mysterious message for us to reconnect?  I think so.  And to spend my lunchtime with First Lady Ginger, Natalie and longtime friends from Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church – well it was just like old home week, spending precious moments with Mom and Dad, the Bishop & Elaine, Lou & Cathy, Nancy & John, Miss Joann, Pastors Vic and Lynn, and so many other longtime family friends. 

Dear friend Jennifer came by for my very first meeting with her darling daughter Sloane.  She was the perfect baby today, and gave her “Aunt Stacy” a few big smiles.  It was so lovely to hold new life in my arms, look down upon the inquisitive face of a two-month old child who didn’t seem to mind a bald-headed Cancer Vixen stroking her lovely face.  Thank you Sloan for stopping by today.  It was my great pleasure for us to finally spend some time together.  We’ll plan on more time together in the near future. 

This afternoon I received these very fun photos from dear friends at the Governor Mike Beebe campaign headquarters.  According to the email, they temporarily changed the campaign slogan today.  How nice – and what a nice looking bunch of friends, including our Governor.  While I believe in Governor Beebe and in Arkansas, it warms my heart to know they believe in me! 

And finally, my partner in crime Hugh came by with a hot cup of java from the local Starbucks.  Hugh and I have been engaged in many a battle together, most especially education reform and free pre-k for low-income children here in Arkansas.  It’s nice to know that Hugh, and his lovely family, are also in my corner for this next fight called “cancer.” 

I can’t help but remember a quote that goes something like this:  “You may just be one person in the world, but to one person you may be the world.”  Well, I continue to be reminded on days like today, even though my eyelashes have now started to leave me, that each of my friends means the world to me. 

Friends or eyelashes?  I’ll take all my friends any day of the week.  Heck fire, I can go to the beauty supply store and buy some more eyelashes. 

Thank you friends for lifting me up, for taking care of me each day, for your sustained messages of love and support.  You continue to give me the strength I need to get through this very tough battle.  And when I win, I want you all to be in the winner’s circle with me as we accept our blanket of roses.  It will be OURS because you will have helped me to get there. 

Much love to you all. And P.S. - I miss my Anna-Lee!  Ready for my roommate to get home!  

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