A Mother and her Two Daughters

07 March 2010

Sunday Update

Yesterday I spent some wonderful time with my sister-in-law, Becky Brewer.  Becky is a terrific cook and usually arrives with something painstakingly made from her kitchen.  Saturday’s dish was a large pot of potato and cheese soup, which is almost gone.  For almost 25 years, Becky has been like the sister I never had.  She is loving, kind, gentle, encouraging and has a way of making the world seem good, for helping us all see that God is great.  We did a little genealogy on the Brewer clan, managed some grocery shopping, and then picked up two dogwood trees, one for each of us, handed out by the Heights Neighborhood Association.  Mine will be ready to plant in my front yard in about two to three months. 

Last night Mom and Dad and Aunt Alice came over for dinner, as I was teaching Jeff and Allyson how to make Veal Scaloppini.  Having my girls here at home, and Jeff too, has really lifted my spirits.  

Love my girls, and Jeff is great.  He is an incredibly helpful young man, very patient spending a long weekend in a household filled with women, including the dog.  Last night Jeff helped me re-make my bed with a new foam mattress pad and new Egyptian cotton sheets!!!  My bed is divine, which is why I probably slept for TWELVE HOURS last night!  I’m not sure I’ve slept for twelve hours since my days at Hendrix College.  I think sleep will become my friend, as I’ve seemed to struggle with it as an adult.  

Good friends have stopped by, especially some of Allyson’s friends from Central High School – Rachel, Sarah, Chris, Matt and of course Clay.  They are some of the greatest young people I’ve ever known and have such a mature way of dealing with my current setback.  I love these kids and appreciate their happy outlook on life so very much. I've heard that tonight we'll possibly see Peter and Spencer.  By the way, Allyson has raved for years about "Momma Hope's chicken pot pie."  But Friday night it finally became my own treat.  Rachel's mom is another awesome LR cook!   

Dear friends Richard and Sheila came by with a yummy Mexican Chicken Salad, just waiting in the refrigerator for the girls to get home from church.  They’re going to love it!!  

All is good.  I’m feeling much better than I was Friday night.  I can feel this marvelous chemo attacking this nasty cancer.  Keep working your magic, Madame Chemo!  You feel very good to me!!  

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