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23 March 2010

Chemo #2 and some Good News from Dr. McCool

Okay, his real name is spelled “Makhoul” but it’s pronounced “McCool” and I think that’s nice.  We met again today for another long spell after my lab work and before the second round of chemotherapy.  No doubt, I am very lucky to have him for my oncologist.  He’s brilliant, compassionate and one of the best medical caretakers that I’ve ever encountered.  But the bottom line report today was this:
·      My white blood count (WBC) was ON TARGET!
·      In addition to my Neulasta injection, Dr. Makhoul is giving me an antibiotic so that we hopefully don’t have a repeat performance of this last week back in the hospital.  YEAH! 
·      But the good news is this – Dr. Makhoul said he couldn’t remember seeing such an improvement in breast tissue as a result of ONLY ONE chemotherapy.  In his words regarding the prescribed chemo cocktail, “I think we’ve hit the Jackpot.” 

These words, coupled with last week's good news about my body's extraordinary ability to reproduce white blood cells, I’m hopeful that this nasty cancer is on its way to total eradication.  Of course, my optimism went into overdrive, asking if this might mean that a total of eight chemo treatments might be reduced.  No luck there, but I’ve now come to realize that chemotherapy is my temporary friend.  Together we’re fighting cancer, and I’m even more convinced that we’re going to win!! 

It was another good day with more encouraging news.  Thank you to my dear family and friends for all your prayers, kind gestures, and well wishes.  You continue to lift me up and give me cause to stay in this fight.  Thank you, and much love . . . . 

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  1. You go, Stacy! So proud of you. You are already a survivor in my book, and you encourage me everyday by reminding me that it is truly ALL about attitude! Love, prayers, and cancer beware- Madeline


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