A Mother and her Two Daughters

15 March 2010

Sunday: Fighting Fever

The good news is that Magic Mouthwash is a terrific cure for mouth and throat sores.  The bad news is that the sores have moved into my digestive tract, making it very difficult to eat much of anything without having discomfort going down or severe heartburn afterwards.  I would have never dreamed that eggs and snow peas could cause heartburn.  In the end, Sunday’s diet consisted of three soft pears and an entire box of popsicles.  Today I’ll try to figure out how to get more vegetables and protein into my body.  Suggestions are welcome. 

In addition, I continue to fight a fever.  Fever is particularly concerning to any chemo medical team if it occurs at a time when the white blood count level is low.  With a low count, the body's normal defenses against infections are very compromised, and fever apparently is cause for alarm.  In my case, I’m to call UAMS if mine reaches 101.  This weekend I hovered at 100.6 – another reason I’ve been told to stay home and have limited contact.  

Mother’s are always great, especially my own Mother.  She reminded me that flushing my body with lots of water can probably help – and it did.  And last night she figured out a few recipes of soft vegetables that would allow me to also get this important food group into my body.  So, this week will be an experiment in eating, figuring out what I can eat that is smooth and doesn’t cause pain.  Although I take great pleasure in preparing and eating great foods, obviously my days are over for what has been my normal food lifestyle.  Last night Tim cooked boiled two chickens, removed the meat, and then prepared a mirepoix for roasting the chicken bones.  His final creation was the most beautiful chicken stock I’ve ever seen.  That will be my lunch today. 

I see a chemo cookbook in my future.  I’m just thinking  . . . 


  1. Stacy--Have you tried Gaviscon? http://www.gaviscon.com/
    It has some kind of numbing agent...I hope it helps. The liquid is good but avoid the tablets--they foam up the minute you begin to chew them. Also, I've used extra protein slim fast or Adkins shakes with extra protein when eating solids is painful. Good luck to you. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care and I'm sending you a big hug.

  2. Stacy:

    The gaviscon is a good suggestion. It is made to foam and float on the gastric contents so that if any reflux does occur, the antiacid enters the esophagus and not the acidic gastric contents. If you choose to use, get the generic.

  3. Do you have some Boost the nutritional drink that is full of vitamins and minerals, etc.
    I liked it better than ensure. The chocolate one was especially good. This might help you keep your strength up and feel good going down. Love you

  4. Slippery Elm tea is very soothing to the digestive tract. If you don't find the tea, get capsules and open into hot water. Bless your heart, Stacy, I hate it that you're going thru this. Glad your mother and Tim are there. Thinking of you.

  5. Stacy, you are just incredible! I hope everyone's suggestions have helped you and bless your mom & Tim. Make him write it all down and you can make that cookbook!


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