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11 March 2010

Have YOU Taken Your Vitamin D Today?

Since the early 1900s, medical researchers have known that vitamin D is essential to strong bones.  Low or inadequate levels of vitamin D have long been attributed to osteoporosis and other brittle bone diseases.  In addition, vitamin D is an immune system regulator, which is why people who regularly take vitamin D supplements report overall good health and almost reduced incidences of colds, flu and other common illnesses. 

Researchers have also found that a healthy level of vitamin D may help reduce the risk of other health problems such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, diabetes, asthma, and even depression.  Researchers at the University of Minnesota have determined vitamin D levels in the body at the beginning of a low-calorie diet predict weight loss success. 

But there is a mountain of growing evidence in the past five to ten years demonstrating that people who have low levels of vitamin D are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer or colorectal cancer.  And why is that?  Because vitamin D can kill human cancer cells.  In fact, some studies have claimed that adequate levels of vitamin D can reduce the risk of 16 different cancers by up to 60%. 

Researchers took human breast cancer cells and treated them with a potent form of vitamin D. Within a few days, half the cancer cells shriveled up and died.  The vitamin's effects were even more dramatic on breast cancer cells injected into mice. After several weeks of treatment, the cancer tumors in the mice shrank by an average of more than 50 percent. Some tumors disappeared.  Similar results have been achieved on colon and prostate cancer tumors in mice.

In a new study, researchers at the University of California-San Diego’s School of Medicine & Moores Cancer Center have determined that intake of vitamin D3 and calcium would prevent 58,000 new cases of breast cancer and 49,000 new cases of colorectal cancer annually in the US and Canada. The researchers have also predicted that 75% of deaths from these cancers could be prevented with adequate intake of vitamin D3 and calcium

There is much research coming out that leads many to wonder is Vitamin D the silver bullet for overall good health.  FULL DISCLAIMER:  I’m no doctor and PR chicks should never try to advise friends on health prevention strategies since they have no idea what they're talking about.  Right?

However, I will tell you this . . . 

On Monday, my oncologist called to tell me that lab results from last week showed I have a decreased level of vitamin D in my body.  I have now been prescribed a once-a-week pill of 50,000 mg of this wonder drug.  I’m thinking, maybe this wonder doctor is also thinking that this research has relevance. 

So what are you waiting for?  At your next medical evaluation (when was the last time you had a thorough health check?), specifically ask about your vitamin D levels.  And between now and then, consider purchasing a vitamin D supplement and start taking it today and everyday!!!  Vitamin D is cheap and can be purchased over-the-counter. 

For more information about the health benefits of vitamin D:


  1. Dr. Amy Fitzgerald will be so proud that you posted this! She has been shoving Vitamin D into my mouth for years :) and now I know why! Thanks for the info Stacy! Love the blog so much - you continue to inspire me!
    Enjoy your naps and sleep tight - my Grandmother used to tell me that sleep is healing to the body and soul.

  2. Great info! They didn't tell me this when I was diagnosed two years ago, but several of my docs have suggested this in the last year. I started with 1000 - 2000 units; now am taking 5000 IU. Blood tests will confirm how that is working for me and how much to take. I also recommend this to friends, as I'm feeling much better these days - doing LOTS of things that could help, but Vit. D is a definite "keeper"! Keep sharing your expanding knowledge, Stacy! Much love coming your way!


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