A Mother and her Two Daughters

01 March 2010

Knowing The Enemy

Today was somewhat of a normal day with some work for a client that needs to get finished by end of week.  I had lunch with Johnnie, my longtime friend from high school, who is also battling cancer.  Johnny is a saint, has had a three and a half year battle with nasty cancer, and is fighting the good fight.  He is a comforting soul and we discussed the overwhelming feelings of great friends and community love.  My friend Frances came by for about an hour.  And then I went to a lovely reception tonight at The Peabody Hotel, then a much fun dinner with Bruce & Ricky at Cheers.  Having a somewhat normal day felt very good. 

Tomorrow I will return to UAMS for one more MRI and a MUGA Scan.  MUGA is an abbreviation for Multi Gated Acquisition Scan.  It is actually a nuclear medicine scan that evaluates the function of the heart ventricles.  Because some chemotherapies are cardiotoxic drug agents, this test will evaluate the potential for any negative effects on my heart.  As I am hopeful that theyy discover I have a big and strong heart, here’s wishing for more good test outcomes. 

Allyson will fly home tomorrow night from Mizzou.  I’m looking forward to having both of my girls with me for the next week. 

Today I have remained focused on only one thought – A known enemy is always better than an unknown one.  I am working to stay focused on eradication of this nasty cancer.  Friday cannot come soon enough for me. 

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