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07 March 2010

Know More About Inflammatory Breast Cancer

This may not be a blog entry that my men friends will want to read.  However, it is something they might should share with their mothers and sisters and wives and daughters. The news report link below shares a story about the death of a 16-year-old girl from Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  I don't want this post to scare, but to merely inform.  

As women we’ve been told many times that good breast health is all about monthly breast self-exams, becoming mindful of lumps in the breast, and have annual mammograms.  But with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, you won’t find a lump and the cancer does not show up in a mammogram, sometimes not even in a diagnostic exam.  Unfortunately there is more than one type of breast cancer, one that is without the classic symptoms.  That's why IBC is sometimes called “The Silent Killer.” 

Several of my women friends have asked me to share with them, and other women, the symptoms of IBC so that all women can become more informed about this very rare and aggressive cancer.  So, here is more information about Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  Make sure you read about it, understand it, be mindful of the symptoms and understand that ALL BREAST CANCERS CANNOT BE FOUND THROUGH SELF-EXAM, NOT ALL BREAST CANCERS APPEAR AS A LUMP IN YOUR BREAST. 

Inflammatory Breast Cancer web site information (click here) and (click here)

Inflammatory Breast Cancer news report (click here)

I want all my friends, and their friends too, to become very informed about this very rare breast cancer.  Do it today!  

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