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08 March 2010

Love Letters, iLove and Wisdom from Maggie & John Lennon

The love shared between friends can be expressed in a myriad of ways.  But the most timeless and treasured will always remain the love letter.  I can’t remember receiving so many love letters in my entire life.  From family, school friends, old friends and new friends, colleagues and former colleagues, neighbors and even friends of my children.  After reading each one, I place them back into the envelope and put in a green linen box for safe keeping, which means to be read again and again.  These words of love give me strength and encouragement, especially this weekend when I wasn’t feeling so great.  Knowing there will be more times like this, I’m keeping the box close at hand. 

The love letters mean so much – whether posted by mail or sent via email or Facebook, what I like to refer to as iLove!  My Aunt Kay and longtime friend Thedford even sent e-cards.  What would our great-grandparents have said about that one? 

I’ve just awakened and I don’t feel like I normally feel when I get up in the mornings.  So, today I’m going to post some musings from an iLove letter received by a dear friend.  Maggie is a 2009 graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism.  She now lives in New York City, climbing her way up as a graphic designer.  This has long been her longtime dream, to “live in the city.”  And Maggie is for sure living that dream every day.  With the economy and workforce demands in a state of flux, Maggie’s plans have changed a few times.  But she always alters course, gets back on her horse and blazes her own trail down some big avenue in NYC.  We could all learn many lessons from her – enthusiasm for life, optimism about tomorrow, a sense of confidence in herself while also engaged in countless hours in professional development.  Maggie is on the road to big places.  Last night she sends to me a beautiful iLove letter.  Below are a few passages that I want to share:

Cancer is just a pebble in the road of life. You have incredible strength, an amazing family, countless friends, and the greatest daughters at your side. Cancer has taken lives of people young and old, but half the battle is the attitude you enter with. Keep your pink boxing gloves up and ready, you have support from people across the nation and the world.

John Lennon was right...
Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.
Plans are guidelines.
Not regulations.
If they don't fit the circumstances,
Change them.
The greatest skill isn't planning ahead.
It's being able to adapt to life's unexpected obstacles.
And still look ahead with a smile. 

Yes, we all have our plans.  My big plans for 2010 have been altered a bit, but much of my life will go on as usual – and as Maggie reminds me, “with a smile.”  Thank you Maggie and all my iLove friends for your continued words of encouragement.  They keep me going each day. 

This is day three after chemo, and I continue to sleep about half my day away right now.  Dr. Makhoul warned me about this, but I didn’t think the deep sleep would happen to me.  It has, and it’s okay and I sit here on my sofa writing my musings with a smile on my face and no dark circles under my eyes.  And I'm thankful to be awake in time for a very important business luncheon, and then some work to accomplish this afternoon.  Life goes on . . .   

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