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02 April 2010

The Good Doctor Is In, and She's Right Here in Little Rock

If you’re battling cancer, there can’t be anything much more assuring than to open up the morning newspaper and see a front page color photograph of the head of your breast cancer team. 

That’s my brilliant surgeon on the right, Dr. Suzanne Klimberg.  Yesterday Dr. Klimberg was awarded a $4.5 million research grant from the national Susan G. Komen Foundation.  WOW, that’s got to make all us UAMS breast cancer patients feel quite fortunate, as they don’t pass out big grants like that to the average Joe Blow doctor, now do they? 

Considered by her peers to be a world-renowned expert in the field, Dr. Klimberg is the Muriel Balsam Kohn Chair of Breast Surgical Oncology in the Department of Surgery at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. She also directs the Breast Cancer Program and the Disease of the Breast Fellowship Program at the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute.  In her spare time, Dr. Klimberg has proven herself to be a leader in preventive research including the discovery of breast cancer protein patterns in tears. 

And there’s much more!!  Click here. 

I tell you all of this because so many dear friends continue to ask me about getting second opinions at Mayo or M.D. Anderson or Sloan-Kettering.  The truth is - I’m not interested and it’s not definitely NOT necessary! 

People who live in Arkansas are very fortunate to have UAMS right here at home, especially the Cancer Institute.  While the name may not be widely known by the average person, physicians around the world have recognized the UAMS Cancer Institute as a leader in delivering results for cancer patients.  You must know that foreign dignitaries and well-known celebrities travel to UAMS for cancer treatment and consultation – not just breast cancer but for other cancers, as well.  I have no doubt that I'm receiving the best medical care by this brilliant and world-renowned medical team.

Today I will give thanks for this beautiful day, and for the outstanding cancer team at UAMS, right here in Little Rock, Arkansas!!    


Anna-Lee and I will attend Good Friday service at noon where she will be a reader.  Allyson will fly home tomorrow after a Spring Break cruise with a gaggle of Mizzou Chi Omega seniors – their last “hoorah” before graduation.  This Momma is so excited to have both of her girls home for the Easter weekend!  

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