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06 April 2010

Chemo #3-Bring It On, Every Drop!

Today will be my #3 chemotherapy treatment.  Somebody asked me last night if I have anxiety before each treatment.  The answer:  Absolutely NOT.  In fact, last treatment I explained to the nurse that I wanted every drop of chemo in that bag.  “Don’t leave one drop in there.  I want ALL OF IT inside my body.” 

I’m sure I’ll be on the same regime – chemo today, followed by three days of mostly sleep.  After doing some research last night, it appears that the more treatments you receive, the more tired your body becomes.  If I struggle with anything throughout this cancer journey, it’s the constant exhaustion.  It doesn’t work well with my normal routine.  But it’s temporary and I will be patient. 

Here’s to three down, five more to go before surgery.  I think we’re making huge progress.  I can feel it in my bones and in my heart and in my soul.  Thank you friends for sharing your encouraging spirit with me.  


  1. You have that a bit backwards, Stacy....

    Thank YOU for sharing your encouraging spirit with each & every one of us!

  2. I just stumbled on your blog, Stacy. I read every single post in one sitting, all the way back to the beginning.

    I lost my oldest sister years ago to breast cancer. I especially remember how miserable the mouth/throat sores made her. The ONE thing that tasted good to her was Diet Cream Soda, left open to "de-carbonate". For some reason, it was hard to find. I searched high and low for the magic elixir that made my sister's daily life a little more palatable. Somehow, I always managed to find some.

    I am hugging you with the same fierceness I hugged my sister.

    Now, you go out there and kick cancer's ass!!!

    Marjorie Armstrong


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