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17 April 2010

Cancer Blogger Takes The Weekend Off

As I said once before, my friend Sheila said that she feels a bit uneasy when I skip a day from blogging.  With that said, I'm letting friends and family know that I've decided to take the weekend off.  Because this is the weekend before Tuesday's chemo treatment, I've got a little more energy than I normally do.  So, I have joined a few of the Hendrix Alumni Weekend activities.  Today I went with Jim and Rosi to hear Dr. Charles Chappell's Last Lecture - and it was oh so good.  We also toured the new student center, went to the bookstore to buy a few t-shirts, etc.  Afterwards we headed to Stoby's for some cheese dip and burgers. I'm at home now, after taking a nice nap, and waiting on my friend Jay who has flown in from Dallas -- naturally a delayed flight.  We're then heading for Jan's home to enjoy an evening with longtime friends.  In the morning, Jim and Henry will cook brunch for a few of us at my house.

I'm having so much fun seeing so many friends from long ago.  That means several naps to get my energy back up, and no time for writing.  I know you'll understand.  All is well, I'm just pushing myself to the edge this weekend, and blogging just isn't working into my schedule right now.

Love you all,

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  1. Glad you had a good day. I didn't go to the day activities at Hendrix, but did go to the class reunion tonight and had such a great time. Saw Chuck Chappell, would have enjoyed hearing the "last lecture".


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