A Mother and her Two Daughters

10 April 2010

A Beautiful Day For Feeling Good

After two long days and lights of experiencing an overwhelming feeling of lethargy, this morning I woke up feeling rested and without weakness.  That meant cooking a breakfast of pancakes and bacon for Anna-Lee and her friend Mary Elizabeth.  There’s not much that feels so good as feel like a mom in service aain – a real mother who cares for her daughter and friends, especially from my kitchen.  I then cleaned out the refrigerator, and then took a little nap.  Okay, I know it’s not the same level of energy I’m used to, but it sure beats the heck out of being in bed most of the day and night like the past forty-eight hours.  If enjoying the Arkansas Derby is not a part of my agenda right now, at least I can find a few things to enjoy on this very beautiful day.  

FINALLY, AT 12:30 PM, WE CATCH THE BIRDMAN OF LITTLE ROCK IN ACTION!!  For the past two months, Dean Rutherford has kept all my birds (and squirrels too) in feeder heaven with seeds, nuts and suet.  I’m just not sure how he manages to do all that he does, making me quite jealous of his stamina and energy.  But these days his never-ending energy works on my side.  My birds and squirrels are quite happy with his regular refills of the feeders. 

After some time engaged in our favorite topics of politics and media, Skip departs and Tim and I take off with a finite list of errands, not to exceed a couple of hours – big box errands like Office Depot, Tuesday Morning and a berry-buying run at Sam’s.  I’m eating berries like one of Skip’s birds – blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries.  And if my body says to eat berries, that’s what I’m going to eat.   

After two hours of running errands, it was time to get back home and rest.  And that’s where we’ve been since 3 pm today.  A visit from Tim’s office colleague Jennifer and her husband John was much fun, including a riot of a time trying on hair band wigs she purchased today at another wig store in town.

Okay, maybe a little too blond, but the black band attached to the wig sure made for a comfortable fit.  I might explore these hair band wigs further.  It’s the best to date in terms of comfort.    As Jennifer and John left, longtime friend Frances came over with the most delicious sorbet I’ve ever put into my mouth.  Can you say “Blackberry Cabernet?”  Oh my goodness – it’s over the top in terms of flavor, like drinking a lovely red wine with a mouthful of blackberries.  I highly recommend this delectable treat, which can be found at Fresh Market.  Frances says there are tons of great flavors, but this one hit my taste buds and appetite on so many levels. 

Although most foods do not sound good to me right now, I admitted to Tim that I really do miss cooking.  Cooking has always been my source of relaxation and end-of-the-day therapy.  While I’m certain that entertaining friends is also not a part of my agenda right now, I CAN STILL COOK, even if I don’t eat it.  So, tonight we’re cooking my super secret Italian Ragu sauce.  We have all the ingredients and I’m looking forward to a very normal night in the kitchen with my favorite cooking partner of all time.  It will be a perfect way to end a beautiful day of feeling quite good.  A tavola!  


  1. I like the band and wig color and style. So glad you had a good day.

  2. I like the band wig too - looks good!

  3. It's good to see you smile. I like the band wig; I even like the blonde.
    Tommie Sue


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