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13 February 2011

Making The Moment Count

This past week I wrote about doing something fun for YOU every day.  A few days later a friend writes to me and says she just doesn’t have the time to do something fun each day.  Like me, she works, has kids, very involved in the community, and has a pretty jam-packed life of responsibility.  She challenged me to redefine what I meant by this. 

Well honey, I meant what I said, so let me say it again:

“Keep loving life.  Do SOMETHING every day that makes you smile and feels good.  If this hasn’t been your routine, then change it!  I did!  Do something fun for YOU each day while you have cancer – and make a list of everything you want to do when the cancer is over.  And when that day arrives, keep on doing the fun stuff.  That’s what life is all about.”

Doing something fun doesn’t require having cancer or surviving cancer.  And it doesn't require plane tickets or an expensive shopping spree.  It’s the little things that can be fun, if you know how to fully embrace and celebrate the moment. 

When I was in meditation training years ago, we learned how to eat with mindfulness – recognizing the food we were about to eat, appreciating its color and texture, savoring each morsel, really tasting what it was inside our mouth, expanding the food palate.  That may sound strange, but it was the art of practicing enlightenment, appreciating what is before you, finding joy and happiness in every moment.  We practiced with an orange, then moved on to a complete meal.  

A few things I’ve done lately, reminding me that each moment can feel extraordinary . . .
  • Enjoyed a wonderful dinner with friends at the new French bistro in my neighborhood. 
  • Cancelled an unimportant meeting, and instead watched a Christmas move – the 1938 version of “A Christmas Carol.”  It was terrific, even though it was February. 
  • Found a new recipe for one of Tim’s favorite food groups – Gruyere cheese.  Today I’m making it for his birthday – a caramelized onion cheese fondue
  • Enjoyed the winter weather.  I relished being stuck at home, took tons of photos of my puppies playing in the snow, and kept a fire in my fireplace for a week.  What a treat! 
  • Researched and created a detailed itinerary for a history trip through Virginia.  That's half the fun.  The other half will be making the trip!  
  • Worked on my genealogy and discovered that my ggggg-grandfather was the first republican chief of the Choctaw Indian Nation.  WOW!  I’m now wondering . . . is there an organization like Daughters of the Choctaw Nation?
  • Went to a small gas station outside of town and had lunch.  Very good home-cooked food!  
  • Stopped at a new bakery on Kavanaugh Boulevard.  Bought a sugar cookie and a cup of coffee, then sat down and enjoyed ten minutes of time with myself. 
  • Mailed a copy of a book – There’s No Place Like Hope – to a friend of a friend who is battling Inflammatory Breast Cancer. 
  • Enjoyed a coffee outing with another friend battling breast cancer.  We shared bad hair stories - but laughed about each one of them.   
  • Read through a great food blog by a young woman who was once my summer intern. 
  • Celebrated with colleagues after a long but successful week of work. 
  • Created a terrarium for a dear friend.
  • Discovered a new musical combo – Sweet Talk Radio – and downloaded their songs.
  • Visited with another longtime friend by phone, wishing she lived closer, but so thankful we’ve stayed connected for all these years.
  • Went to a cooking demonstration at my favorite neighborhood kitchen shop.
  • Organized my laundry room so I can become a committed recycler.
  • Read a book by one of my favorite authors – Joan Anderson. 
  • Made plans for some upcoming special events at the Contemporary Art Museum/St. Louis, Allyson’s new employer. 
  • Scanned some old family photos, and then had prints made. 
  • Listened to my repertoire of songs from my favorite musical group, Over The Rhine. 
  • Enjoyed a late-night dinner at Tim’s favorite health club – International House of Pancakes.  Took Anna-Lee and her friend McKenzie with us.  Too much fun! 
  • Every day I’m enjoying a walk with my puppies.  Rollo may be a blind corgi, but he’s super on a leash and loves his daily walk. 
  • Yesterday I had a haircut and consult on what to do with short gray hair. 
  • Went through all my Christmas cards again.  Saved the ones with photographs.
  • And much more . . . 

Some might think this is a very uneventful list.  But for me, the small things have become very meaningful moments in my life. Call it whatever you may - a new lease on life, a new appreciation for the small stuff.  But I’m finding extraordinary value in the small nuggets provided to me each day. 

Distraction can be your enemy.  Don’t let the present slip away.  Don’t wait for disease to hit before you savor the moment. 

When every moment counts, I feel like the queen, a woman of real purpose.    

I love this photoshopped print of Queen Elizabeth with one of her Corgis.  I do love my corgis!  

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  1. This was fun Stacy! Ihop as a health club lol! I like them too. Like the pic of Queen Elizabeth- always enjoyed her when I was a child, so pretty. yes I need to get back to meditating- slow down and savor more.


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