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10 February 2011

Advice For Fighting The Beast, Whatever the Beast Might Be

Yesterday a dear friend called.  This past week one of her employees was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is a strong woman, but very frightened.

Breast cancer is now stalking another remarkable woman. 

My friend asked for some advice regarding a few good books, and a few nuggets of wisdom to pass along.  So here it goes . . .  

My own advice for fighting cancer: 
  1. Fight the beast with every ounce of energy that you have.  As Winston Churchill said, Never Give In, Never, Never, Never.” 
  2. Keep company with family and friends who make you smile.  Their love will bring you a sense of calm and keep your spirits high.  Conversely, put out the “go away” doormat for brainless morons who bring you down or who have little regard that you are in the battle of your life.  Make them go home and keep them far, far away. 
  3. Laugh and laugh hard.  Yes, cancer is serious business, but laughter is very serious too.  It is a deeply spiritual emotion that may very well carry you through this terribly tough time.  Watch funny movies, read funny books, and stay close with funny friends. 
  4. Always remember – a disease like cancer does not have to take away your soul.  It is only a physical malady and it should not consume who you are inside.  Remain true to your core.
  5. Even when disease inflicts havoc on your body, mental strength can carry you through. Beating a life-challenging disease requires a Herculean spirit.  If strength is a challenge, seek out The Mighty who can help you unearth it.  It can likely be found in a posse of other survivors and cancer warriors. 
  6. Hang with God every day for He will provide comfort and stability.  "The Lord will guide you continually." 
  7. While God is good, it will be wise doctors who heal.  Make sure your cancer doctor is the best.  If she’s not, get rid of her and find a better doctor.  This is your life and it’s no time to worry about hurting the feelings of a physician.  You and your life deserve the best.
  8. Learn to meditate.  I used to close my eyes and imagine myself at a beautiful lake I once saw at the top of a lovely mountain in Colorado, in the summer.  In times of fear or panic, it was that lake that would bring my heart and mind back to tranquility. 
  9. If you live alone, find a good dog.  There is nothing that will give you love and companionship like a loyal dog. 
  10. Keep loving life.  Do SOMETHING every day that makes you smile and feels good.  If this hasn’t been your routine, then change it!  Do something fun for YOU each day – and make a list of everything you want to do when the cancer is over.  And when that day arrives, keep on doing the fun stuff.  That’s what life is all about. 

These were just my own rules – maybe yours will be different.  A friend asked, so I'm sharing.  

If you’re fighting cancer, or heart disease or depression, a lost job or a divorce, create your own "rules to live by" for getting through the tough times.  Without a mantra for life, the beast can take control, whatever the beast might be. 


  1. Think those are great rules to live by ... for everyone ... no matter what the beast looks like!

  2. I would add the following:

    You may not know it now, but you will become the toughest person you know.

    In time, you will encounter far more good than bad from this experience. Just be on the lookout, and you'll see.

    Reading is good (Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book is the bible on breast cancer) but it can be scary too, especially on the Internet. Be careful what you read.

    Be an advocate for your own health. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't -- so pursue it until it does feel right.

  3. Dear Stacy
    Such profound & insightful wisdom!
    I love your verbiage & your wit

    I am a brand new IDC. GDR 111
    Barely past the Very Barbaric sterostatic bx
    Will get surgical oncologist pre op feed back this afternoon
    Haven't a clue what I'm about to encounter.
    I really Hate the mass marketing of the essence of Pink to all of us
    Battling the Beast. I am grateful to have my friend send your link to me
    SUZ. Aka Pink-a-Pallousa Not Wordsalads618@satx.rr.com



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