A Mother and her Two Daughters

03 February 2011

Life with A New Purpose

Every day is a new day for me right now.  And I'm loving it!  

Last weekend was spent with both of my girls celebrating Anna-Lee's initiation into her sorority - Chi Omega at the University of Arkansas.  Allyson drove from St. Louis to meet us, and Mom even joined the festivities.  It was great fun, a very special weekend.  After a year of few travels beyond a five mile radius of my home, a short road trip along with a hotel room and my family was memorable and felt good.   

I spent yesterday working with my colleagues until about 7 pm.  Smart people at my office, and the work we do together feels so good. 

After leaving work, I joined longtime friends for dinner.  We delighted in outstanding French cuisine, superb wine and the never ending fun stories of life – creating new memories too.  Being out with dear friends felt very good. 

Today will be spent at Philander Smith College.  I serve on the college’s board of trustees and have enjoyed working alongside Dr. Kimbrough and other board members for over two years now.  My body feels energized getting reconnected to the things that mean much to me – things like education.  Finding my way back to the pet projects from my old life feels really good.  

A friend told me last week that I look good.  Hmmmm . . . I question whether this gray crew cut really looks good.  However, I am experiencing a renewed sense of strength each day, and feeling better than I have since March.  Next week I’ve scheduled a “hair consultation” to determine the options of vanity when it comes to style and color.  This gives me something to think about over the weekend - short or long, my new natural gray or a splash of hair dye?  Big decisions coming my way.  

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.  And my life goes on . . . and it feels good.  


  1. I personally LOVE the gray crew cut. It is hip, trendy and complements your individuality. Just sayin'. :) :)

  2. Just be yourself, Stacy ... you DO look great!


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