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03 January 2011

Monday Ramblings

The fatigue from radiation has been better since moving my appointments from 7 am to 10 am. In fact, I’m convinced that any fatigue I’m now battling is more about my Arimidex medication and less about radiation therapy.  However, this weekend, changes began to rapidly take place to the skin area being treated, especially under my right arm. 

My treatment targets three areas – one big zap at the breast, and another two good zaps at the lymphatic system near the chest/neck area and under the arm.  The underarm area is beginning to look worse than the rest, like a very bad sunburn.  And you know what that means – pain and itching.  But today the good folks at CARTI introduced me to a new ointment to put on the treated areas several times each day.  As the radiologist, this isn’t going to get any better, only worse between now and the end of my treatments.  Today marked #16.  I’m over the hump!  That’s the good news. 


I heard from my college friend Kim today.  She now has a dear friend here in Arkansas who was diagnosed only two weeks ago with Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  Being such a rare cancer with a small circle for support, I decided to reach out to her.  I remember my own time of diagnosis – not only had I never heard of IBC, I was certain I knew nobody who had experienced it.  Then I met Ellen, who became the woman I want to grow up and be.  She’s been my new and rock steady friend all of these many months.  So, I just picked up the phone and called Lisa, and we had a lovely visit.  She said the same – I don’t know anyone who has had IBC.  Well now you do.   You hang in there, Lisa.  IBC can be beat.  I did it, Ellen did it and you’re going to do it too.


The last few days I’ve had a real increase in traffic to this blog.  And now I know why.  Central Arkansas is lucky to have a wonderful magazine called AY – About You.  My childhood schoolmate Vicki Vowell is the Publisher and she has done an outstanding job of growing this magazine to what it is today – a premier lifestyle publication for intelligent, accomplished people who are enjoying the finest years of our lives.  It’s about entertainment, restaurants, Arkansas culture, home and garden and so much more.  Regular contributors include my Hendrix friend and colleague P. Allen Smith, the New York Times-dubbed “Martha Stewart of the South”; Tobi Fairley, nationally sought-after interior designer; and Jill Connor Browne, the world-famous Sweet Potato Queen.

Well lucky me – AY has decided to post my blog as a link to their Health & Beauty section, I’m sure more about health and less about beauty.  Another marvelous thing about the good folks at AY – for the past ten years AY hosts Runway for a Cause, a high-energy luncheon and fashion show featuring breast cancer survivors as runway models wearing beautiful clothing from local boutiques.  The event has raised more than $1 million for local breast cancer programs in Central Arkansas, including the UAMS Rockefeller Cancer Institute.  I was a model this last year and it was an experience I will always remember – much fun and somewhat emotional too. 

If you want to visit the AY web site, click here.  Like I said, my blog is featured in the Health & Beauty section.  Thank you AY.  I’m honored to be a part of your good work. 


Tomorrow is a big day here in Arkansas – the big Sugar Bowl game in New Orleans.  After running around today taking care of a few errands, it honestly seems as if only about 50 of us stayed home to watch it on TV.  I hope all my friends are having a blast, eating delectable Cajun food, and ready to root the hogs on to victory.  We were invited to attend, tickets and all.  But radiation treatment is the priority.  Maybe another trip to New Orleans another day will be my destiny. 

Woo Pig Sooie!  Razorbacks! 

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  1. Hi Stacy! I love your blog : - ) I've been writing since last summer about my breast cancer survivor journey...it's so therapeutic.

    I finished radiation the Monday before Christmas. Unfortunately, I was burned pretty bad but my skin is healing faster than what I expected.

    Congrats on being featured on AY (that's how I found your blog : ) Keep up the good work...I'll def be back to read more. Take Care!

    Your Survivor Sister,
    Erica H.


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