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25 January 2011

The Gallantry of Living in Cancerland

 Yippee!!  My UAMS cancer graduation is now online at the Rockefeller Cancer Institute’s Seed of Hope web site
You already know my story of battling cancer  – but there are so many more chronicles that can be found here on this site, many of them much more courageous than mine.  They are the stories of countless patients who have been plagued by cancer and found survivorship at the end of their long journey.  Colon cancer, breast cancer, tonsil cancer, Melanoma, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, and Sarcoma – each story paints a picture of devastation at diagnosis and a celebration of ultimately being declared “cancer free.”  Each patient represents the perfect blend of idealism and pragmatism.  As the late Hamilton Jordan once said, “convinced that we could defeat the demon, but with the most logical and practical steps, with realistic strategies and tactics.”  Jordan, former Chief of Staff to former President Jimmy Carter, struggled with six different cancers in his life.  Some have called Jordan the most dogged cancer fighter on the planet.  In 2008, at the age of 63, Hamilton Jordan joined the Church Triumphant from mesothelioma.  

If cancer has invaded your life, personally or with someone you love, I encourage you to read these inspiring stories of spirit, hope and heroism from other UAMS cancer graduates. 

Congratulations to all of us who one day found ourselves living in Cancerland.  Whether we ultimately heard the words “cancer free” or fought to the bitter end, we can proudly wear cancer’s Medal of Valor, for we have all served with gallantry.


  1. We love sharing these wonderful stories! -- Susan

  2. Did your mom tell you that I did my usual? For whatever reason I showed up at UAMS on Monday(MLK) instead of Friday. I am usually a day late and a dollar short---or a few days late and lots of dollars short. I think my ADHD was in full bloom but I was ready to celebrate with you even though I was a few days late so I celebrated anyway.



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