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08 August 2010

Learning and Holding On to Life Lessons

One of the very important lessons learned from cancer is about the spirit of the fight. Cancer patients endure surgeries, chemotherapies and radiation treatments for one reason only – to have more days added on to their life.  For that reason, every day is a celebration of new memories, and should be honored for the gift that it is. 

During the four months of chemotherapy treatments, Tim and I spent many Saturdays on some kind of grown-up field trip.  After spending most of the week at home resting or working from home, it was always a bit of paradise to have an excursion away from home, something special to look forward to.  The planned outing was always dependent on how I was physically feeling.  Like during the Taxol treatments, when my legs were in so much pain, the trips were limited to something that didn’t require much walking. 

When we don’t have responsibilities for children, the Saturday outings have now become a regular part of our weekend agenda.  Yesterday was no exception. 

The day began with Tim’s colleague and our friend Sarah stopping by with bags of peaches, tomatoes, okra and black-eyed peas – along with a tub of homemade chicken salad.  We then took off for an afternoon trip to Conway to see The Village at Hendrix, the new mixed-use urban community directly across from the college campus.  WOW!  After driving around The Village and a visit to the new bookstore, we enjoyed iced coffee and smoothies with friends Jon & Diana (it’s great to catch up with longtime friends!); then off to the Conway TJ Maxx, one of my all-time favorite discount stores.  Before we headed back home, we feasted on beef, pork and chicken tacos at La Pena Taqueria on Oak Street – another great taco truck to add to our growing list.  It was another special Saturday for creating new memories.  

I’m so thankful that Tim has a spirit of adventure, that he enjoys planning and carrying out these outings as much as me.  Thank you Tim for another wonderful day!    

I’ve long believed that our lives are similar to a novel, each including a series of chapters, some chapters better than others.  That still holds true for me.  I will continue to create my life story with the hope that each new chapter just gets better and better. 

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  

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  1. Very cool that I came home from church and read your blog post. The message today was on "this is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it" ... I don't believe in coincidences ... so rejoice, my friend, and I will as well!



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