A Mother and her Two Daughters

04 August 2010

Five Steps Forward & One Step Back

Never, not one day in my life, did I want to be a doctor or a nurse.  The thought of dealing with bodily things doesn’t set well with me – never has.  So, when my surgeon gave me instructions two weeks ago about how to dress and redress my surgery wound, I should have known better than to trust myself. 

Yesterday I returned to UAMS and the news is this:  I have officially flunked nursing. 

There will be no surgery this week, and probably not next week either.  My failed nursing skills have resulted in an infection in my surgical wound that will prevent it.  Instead, yesterday I had to have a “procedure” at UAMS to remove infected skin, and resuture my incision.  It wasn’t a terrible day, but it wasn’t my best day either.  Yes, I’m a bit sore and have gone back to pain pills too. 

After the procedure was complete and the surgeon explained what I would need to do to clean, treat and redress the wound each day, I came clean.  I admitted my squeamish nature about these things.  I’m just a PR chick with little ability and no desire to play doctor. 

So, today will be my first daily visit by the Visiting Nurse Association.  Thank goodness for home healthcare and for insurance plans that cover this service.  This is a good thing for medically timid folks like me. 

I’m going to be okay, but just need time to get rid of this infection.  There is a window of time to have my reconstructive surgery before I begin radiation treatment.  In other words, I cannot postpone the radiation treatment for too long, so it’s important to get this infection taken care of quickly.  But I’m optimistic that we’ll make it happen and all will be fine.  

In the meantime, Anna-Lee is finally home from her week in Eleuthera, another very successful and gratifying mission trip working with low-income youth.  It’s good to have her back home.  For the next two weeks, we’ll spend our time getting her ready for the big college departure and getting me back on the road to my recovery plan.  It’s all going to be good. 

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you will remember my two college girlfriends, Sue and Dian, who sent me pink boxing gloves for my breast cancer fight.  A few weeks ago, Dian was diagnosed with breast cancer and yesterday she began her own chemotherapy treatment.  Would you please say a prayer for Dian, and the thousands of other women who are beginning their own breast cancer journey at this time? 

I love you Dian!  


  1. So sorry and glad things are getting better.
    Thank goodness for the visting nurses. Since I have had ill Aunts and Uncles who have been taken care of by these folks. This is the greatest thing for them.

    Hope you get better soon.

  2. Goodness Stacy - you are starting to take after me!! AT least they let you go home and not stay in hospital for IV antibiotics. Grateful for small things. And especially for the home health! Yea - the thought of changing out dressings for me would be torture as well. Hang tough and enjoy your final weeks with Anna Lee!! Keep me posted on rescheduled surgery date!

  3. Love you too, Stacy. Hope your visiting nurses took care of you today.

  4. PR Chick - I enjoyed that! Stacy you are so funny. I've heard such good things about VNA. So sorry about Dian, bless her and keep her, surrounded by prayers and good energy and love. Wondering also if it's ductal or inflammatory bc. You take care, I'm thinking about you. Love, Gloria

  5. Hey, PR Chick, Newspaper Girl didn't do so well at nursing either. I got an infection, too. You're on the right road now.


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