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27 July 2010

I am Rockamundo

I’m still hung-over from yesterday’s good news. To join the ranks of those who have also achieved "complete response" to the chemotherapy is the highest privilege of my life, no better achievement to be had.  I'm still rejoicing even though a celebration must be postponed due to the recovery process. 

Last night and today have been memorable days filled with many good wishes from family, friends and colleagues.  To know that others are celebrating with me is very heartwarming and meaningful.  Thank you to all of my dear friends. 

I have not felt well since Saturday morning - lots of pain that I'm not accustomed to.  This is a very tough surgery; don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  It’s painful in the chest area and under the arms where the lymph nodes have been removed.  And for ten days you are confined to home due to two drainage tubes with about four feet of tubing that attach to two jugs they call a “closed wound suction” device.  It’s terribly awkward and certainly not anything that you want to be seen sporting about town.  I'm counting down to Thursday when they are finally removed!  

The surgery is emotionally tough too. I wonder if others who have had this same surgery would agree with me – it’s like any kind of body amputation, whether it’s your breasts, legs, arms, ears or whatever.  Mentally you tell yourself that you can do without this part of your body, especially in exchange for a hopeful cancer-free life.  But it’s still physically and emotionally a tough procedure. 

But there is an old Latin Proverb that says, “Pain of mind is worse than pain of body.”  So amazingly true!  Yesterday I was again not feeling well, experiencing some rather tough pain.  But since Dr. Klimberg called yesterday with the pathology report, it seems that my pain threshold has greatly increased.  I am still having some pain but who cares??  I HAVE NO CANCER IN MY BODY!  I feel fabulous!! 

I must share with you all one of the greatest notes received from a longtime friend.  He always hits the nail on the head, with this time being no exception.  Here is the message he sent:

I remember a horse who won the Arkansas Derby a number of years back.  My memory is he was the longest shot in the field, maybe 100-1 or something like that.  On paper there wasn't any way he could win that race.  Probably shouldn't even have been in it.  Nobody in the grandstand gave him much of shot at all.  But he crossed the finish line first, went to the winner's circle and got his trophy.
You're new nickname is Rockamundo.

So from now on, when we cross paths here in town, just call me Rockamundo.  I like it!  


  1. You are indeed Rockamundo! Grateful, humble congratulations.


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