A Mother and her Two Daughters

19 June 2010

Post-Chemo Update

It’s the craziest thing.  While the past two days have been absolute hell in terms of my muscle pains, my spirits are very high, certainly because I know that this is the last round of Taxol-induced pain I will ever have (I hope).  For that reason, Taxol Torture, especially in my legs, seems to be more bearable.   And I’m quite cognizant that this will go away soon, never to return.  Recently I have visited with several cancer survivors to discover that getting through Taxol treatment is quite a badge of honor, a real accomplishment.  Two of my friends have even told me that they were unable to complete the treatment.  So, I’ll wear my Taxol badge proudly and know that I was able to get through all four treatments, even though it was never easy. 

With the chemo treatments completed, I have begun a new regime to replenish the desired hair back on my body.  Dr. Makhoul is letting me take prenatal vitamins, loaded with folic acid, to help jump-start the hair on my head.  And “Aunt Shirley”, Mom’s lifelong high school friend and San Francisco roommate before they both married, sent me a product called Nue Lash for my eyes.  Between Nue Lash and Latisse, I’m hopeful to see my dark thick eyelashes return soon. 

We had big plans for this weekend, most especially dinner plans last night with my dear friend Jan, who celebrated another life birthday.  Unfortunately, the plan to cook a big Italian feast for she and her husband were postponed due to my pesky legs.  I’m thankful to friends who understand my situation and know that these days my plans are always very tentative. 

With the weather so hot, staying inside is a good thing.  College friend Sue sent me a gift card for Red Mango, a new frozen yogurt shop in the Heights.  This has meant a self-reward with a Red Mango treat each afternoon.  If you haven’t been, GO!  I’m especially fond of the Pomegranate yogurt with fresh blueberries.  But there is so much more on the menu including smoothies and parfaits.  Lucky for me it is only about 5 blocks from my house.  I think Red Mango and me are going to be close friends during this very hot summer.    Now all I need is to find a paint-by-numbers kit and life will be good.  Anybody seen any of those lately or did they finally quite making them?  Not sure why I’ve been struck by this bug but it sounds like fun and something to occupy my time.  I’ll be most happy when these steroids leave my body and I can read again. 

Here’s hoping that you and yours have a wonderful weekend!  I plan to do the same. 


  1. So glad to hear it's your last chemo! Thinking of you Stacy.

  2. Did you find the sack I left at your door?
    Hope today was a better day. Love you, Ginger


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