A Mother and her Two Daughters

10 June 2010

Celebrating Life, Love & Hope, St. Louis-style

When you become a mother, it’s a fact of life that you commit yourself to raising this child through all the many milestones ahead, and the days in between.  As mothers, we take pride in our lifelong job to care for our children when they are sick, comfort them when they are afraid, and wipe away their tears when life yanks their spirit. 

Most mothers are quite comfortable in this role, and don’t anticipate the roles being reversed, as we never want to be a burden to our children.  However, a cancer diagnosis can sometimes change the mother-child journey on many different levels.  For me, I have watched my own health crisis become a time for everyone to come together united in the fight. 

For the past two days, Anna-Lee has taken such good care of me during our orientation stay at the University of Arkansas.  Her empathy for my neuropathy and muscle pain translated into holding onto my harm or embracing my hand during our challenged walks from building to building – never embarrassed of her physically frail and baldheaded mother.  How fortunate I felt to have her in my life, by my side – constantly.  What a beautiful daughter she is. 

And this weekend will be spent with Allyson and Jeff and friends to celebrate life, love and hope St. Louis-style. 

Everyone knows about the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure series, the largest series of 5K runs in the world.  In over 100 US cities, Race for the Cure raises significant funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer, celebrates breast cancer survivorship, and honors those who have lost their battle with the disease.

With my daughter and her constant companion Jeff living and working in St. Louis, they decided to celebrate my survivorship by organizing their own race team – “Team Stacy.”  Using his tedious approach to life, Jeff the CPA has played a huge role in serving as the consummate team leader and organizer for this effort.  We have new friends from Missouri and old friends from Little Rock, all coming together for the weekend to celebrate life. 

Anna-Lee and I will leave today to spend the evening with Allyson, Jeff and his family.  I think I can look forward to an Italian dinner on The Hill.  Oh how I love The Hill and all of its Italian charm – including my all-time favorite market Viviano & Sons.  Tomorrow we will tour Allyson’s new work digs and meet her colleagues at HEC-TV.  Friday night Jeff is hosting a lasagna feast at his apartment for Missouri and Arkansas team members.  And on Saturday, we will get up very early to be in downtown St. Louis for one of the largest Komen events in the country. 

Last year, the St. Louis event organized over 1,000 teams, included over 66,000 participants and raised more than $3 million.  This year, Team Stacy will contribute to the effort thanks to contributions from the team, and from family and dear friends here at home.  Click here on the team page if you want to see Jeff & Allyson's team (all members not listed for some reason), see a list of contributors to date, or make your own contribution.

I’m looking forward to posting a few St. Louis photos when we return.  But most of all, I’m looking forward to spending a few days with Allyson and Jeff, celebrating their own beautiful spirits for putting together such a fitting celebration.  Having my daughters and their friends by my side throughout my treatment is something I will remember and cherish forever. 

Wish us luck as we race for the cure, as we imagine a world without cancer.  


  1. If you've never been across the river to St. Charles, you ought to at least do a drive-through. They long ago restored their brick streets, and they have a HUGE historic district. All the buildings have been restored and are filled with neat shops and restaurants.

  2. Hope you have a good time. Thinking of you.

  3. What a wonderful family you have! Have a great time in St. Louis.


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