A Mother and her Two Daughters

12 May 2010

Getting ready for Real World Plans

So much to do and so excited about our plans for this weekend.  Yes, this is the big graduation weekend for Allyson at the University of Missouri.  (Photo at left is Allyson and her two-year roommate Natalie).  

Last August I received some good advice from Allyson’s sorority sister and dear friend Maggie – “Make your hotel arrangements now!”  Columbia is a great college town but it’s not crawling with lots of hotels properties like larger urban communities.  So, I immediately reserved an entire bed and breakfast inn called The Taylor House.  Take a look by clicking here.  Yes, we have rented out the entire B&B for family and friends to stay together.  Among the guests:  Mom and Dad, Anna-Lee and her friend Mary Elizabeth, Uncle Mike Sells and cousin Emily, Aunt Becky and Uncle Doyne Brewer, and Rebecca and Anna Tennille.  Allyson, her boyfriend Jeff, and roommate Natalie will join us too, along with Natalie’s family from Plano, TX.  And Jeff’s family will join us Saturday night for graduation and dinner.  It’s going to be a real celebration. 

To recap Allyson’s four years at Mizzou . . . she was among an elite group of students who were pre-accepted in the Journalism School her freshman year.  It’s a very intense program that for most students requires two years of demonstrating your ability for completion, with acceptance into the program usually not occurring until second semester of sophomore year.  I’m sure that her writing samples and her tenure as News Editor of the Central High School newspaper helped her make the grade for early acceptance. 

Allyson has proven herself to be a natural fit in the world of communications.  While she began this pursuit in broadcast journalism, she quickly moved her emphasis to Strategic Communications (i.e. Public Relations).  Naturally Dad and I are both very proud.  He’s especially proud, as he’s also a Mizzou J-School graduate. 

Allyson's work and academic record the past four years have been very impressive.  With modern technology I have been fortunate to have the ability to follow her work online and observe her academic and professional pursuits on video.  Mizzou has a world-renowned program, America’s first collegiate program dedicated to the study of Journalism, and Allyson continued to rise to the challenge.  She has tackled every course with great gusto completely emerging herself into the classroom challenges presented by the faculty.  Her most recent accomplishment is that her senior capstone project was selected by the Journalism faculty to be used in next year’s J-School recruitment video (photo is Ally preparing for her capstone presentation before the faculty and her client, the Boone County Department of Health).  That's huge!!  And this weekend we'll have the chance to review it.  

But what makes me especially proud of Allyson is her heart and her penchant for service to others.  During her time at Mizzou, Allyson has served as Philanthropy Chair for her Chi Omega chapter, was the student intern for Special Olympics-Missouri, raised tons of money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, served as Chair of Chi Omega recruitment, and organized a benefit concert for Haiti Relief in February.  This weekend she will not only receive her Bachelors of Journalism, she will also make our family quite proud of her many philanthropic accomplishments. 

You won’t be hearing much from me the next several days, with the exception of a few photographs and stories of our weekend celebration.  Wish us safe travels and many great memories.  I’m looking forward to some time away from cancer and just being a very proud Mom. 

Congratulations Allyson for your many outstanding accomplishments, for a proud career at the University of Missouri!  You have a promising future ahead of you - and we're all feeling pretty special to be your family!!  


  1. Aren't you glad you made those b&b reservations so early. For anyone graduating from a semi-small town, book early! Enjoy the weekend in Columbia. I wish I could be there! This year has flown by. It's hard to believe I was in Al's shoes merely a year ago. I can't wait to get a full report about the weekend! Make memories, take pictures, and enjoy the moment.

  2. Have a wonderful time celebrating what a great job you did as a mother and how outstanding your daughter Allyson turned out to be. Love you


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