A Mother and her Two Daughters

02 May 2010

Enjoying Senior Sunday with Miss Anna-Lee

All is good and I am fine, better today than yesterday, and certainly better than Friday.  Although I’ve been grounded for the weekend, I’ve made the most of it.  I’ve watched several movies and enjoyed some time in the kitchen.  If you haven’t yet purchased the new cookbook published by the Mount Holly Cemetery Association, I highly recommend the 1850 Blackberry Pie.  Delicious! 

I did sneak out today (Shhhhh!) to attend Senior Sunday at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church.  Anna-Lee has been an incredibly active member of the PHUMC youth program in all things – participation, volunteerism, leadership, and a passion for mission work in her city, state and in places all over the world.  She is truly a child of God and today we celebrated her relationship with the church and her journey with Christ.  With many thanks to her village of those who have influenced her life, Anna-Lee has made us very proud.  We all look forward to watching her explore and discover and grow the next four years at the University of Arkansas. 

All of this made me remember a passage I once read in a book.  The author, also a parent, said that children are like kites, and that a parent’s job is to slowly unwind the string as they begin to soar.  As time passes, we continue to let out a little more string, and then one day we realize that the string has been let out completely.  That’s when we begin to watch them soar on their own; it's when we are hopeful that we've provided our children the gifts they need to survive - more than anything a sense of faith in themselves and in their abilities and capabilities.  And so it was with Anna-Lee today.  Obviously my work is almost complete as I am hanging on to the very end of the kite string. 

Hello Big World!  I give you my daughter, Miss Anna-Lee Pittman.  She is ready to take you on, relish in  your life moments, and I hope you’re ready for her.  She is bold and filled with courage, has a sharing heart and a powerful sense of direction.  She loves lending her hand to those in need, possessing a strong spirit of servant leadership.  Anna-Lee loves the world and she’s going to change it forever.  I for one can’t wait to sit back and watch!   

Congratulations Anna-Lee!!  My many hats are off to you!  


  1. Nicely said. Please remind her that she has an "aunt" she doesn't yet know here in Fayetteville if she ever needs me...

  2. Well said. One daughter moving onto college and another soon to graduate with a degree from the top journalism school in the world. Two impressive women. You must be a proud mother.


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