A Mother and her Two Daughters

24 February 2010

Golf Carts, Boxing Gloves & Wishful Thinking

Today was "test day."  I returned home from UAMS around seven o'clock, have been there since two o’clock - but all for a good purpose.  Modern medicine is truly amazing.  To think that it’s possible to drink a cup of juice (okay-radioactive fluids), lay on a table and in thirty minutes they can scan your entire body for cancer cells – well, it’s just something our grandparents and great-grandparents could never even dream about.  I had several scans today, and I'm so wishing for good results tomorrow.

Once again, the folks at UAMS really outdid themselves.  From the lovely Melissa in The Breast Center, to the lovely young radiology tech at the PET-Scan clinic, every contact at UAMS has been over-the-top in terms of the incredible care they give to each patient.  They even take care of patients who get lost and show up at the wrong clinic.  For my ignorance and pitiful sense of direction, I got a shuttle ride in a fancy golf-like cart by a nice young woman who drove me from one building to another.  No news until tomorrow, but I’m sure sending up a big wish that the news is better this week than last week. 

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme.
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do.

So, with little to report, let me just say this.  THANK YOU to so many friends for your nice cards, letters, emails and FB messages, flowers, food, guardian angels, Holy water, books, bath goodies and more.  I feel your love - really -- and it feels soooo good!!  

I must share with you all a fabulous package that arrived by mail today from two wonderful girlfriends from my Hendrix days.  I’m thinking I’m going to wear them around my neck for each chemo treatment.  What do you think?  Is this the bomb or what?  Real tools for the big fight ahead!!!  Thank you to my longtime friends, Sue & Dian!! 

Love to you all.  I meet with my oncologist tomorrow afternoon and will learn much more.  I’ve heard nothing but terrific reports about Dr. Makhoul.  Keep wishing for me - upon a star, in your prayers, three coins in a fountain, whatever you think might work.  Many thanks and much love!  

P.S.  Did I remember to ask for good wishes?  


  1. I'm sending good juju your way! I love you Mom!! Can't wait to see you on Tuesday.

  2. My prayers were said and now it is in God's hand and his will, but I know he has been over run with request for you and your family. Love you

  3. Let's see - Stacy the fighter AND pink boxing gloves, Dr. Makhoul, and God - what a team!

  4. Your doc will see just how tough your spirit is when you show up with your boxing gloves! Prayers continue your way.


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