A Mother and her Two Daughters

26 February 2010

Getting Ready for Cancer

When the girls were small and we would head to the beach every summer, it seemed like it took at least a week to get all the shopping, packing and preparations completed. And I would have never made it without my annual "Beach Trip To Do List."  

This morning, after a very good sleep last night (FINALLY!), I had one important goal today – get myself ready for cancer.  Okay – not as much fun as the beach, but it is still very necessary, and only seven days left to get there. So, here is my list, which resulted in a very productive day.  
  • Made a list of everything I love to eat.  Then went to the market and bought all the ingredients.  I’m only going to eat things I covet between now and next Friday. 
  • Wrote 24 thank you notes.  Then ordered more notes to send to friends who have sent food, flowers, potted lavender, angel pins, meditation books, healing crosses and prayer shawls – and boxing gloves too.   
  • Called the repair man and got my gate fixed so “The Great Canine Escape Artist” (a.k.a. Abbey) can’t roam the neighborhood anymore. 
  • Bought paper goods, toiletries, and dog/cat food to last for a month.
  • Abbey got a bath.  
  • Located a good wig store in North Little Rock.  Did you know you can get almost any color and style you want, and they’ll even cut a wig to match the cut you have right now?? 
  • Found a very cool web site to purchase high-fashion turbans. I even found a very dressy one to wear Easter and to Allyson and Anna-Lee’s graduations. 
  • Cleaned out a few closets. 
  • Ordered a new bumper for my car.  Did I forget to tell you that somebody wrecked my car the morning I found out I had cancer?  It was really a bad day!  
  • Downloaded some relaxing music for daily meditation. 
  • Reviewed the "favorite food list", then made some adjustments.  Went to another market and bought more food.  
  • Found another web site that carries Raquel Welch wigs.  Maybe, much later, when I get new body parts, I can get some other stuff that looks like Raquel Welch.  HA!!! 
  • Bought new sheets for Allyson’s bed – she comes home Tuesday to spend almost a week at home!

Just like preparing for the beach, or a political campaign, or even moving to a new home, I’m making my list and running my errands.  I’m trying to get ready for cancer.  What have I left out?  If you think of anything, let me know.


  1. Anybody that knows you (and your gene pool) knows that you will be the winner, as always.

    Carol Blann


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