A Mother and her Two Daughters

09 November 2010

Dancing with my New Hairdo

 I’m in terrible pain right now, and it’s all in my legs.  Late Saturday night they started to feel like noodles.  But since Sunday, they are in full-fledge pain.  And I mean the kind of pain that is making it terribly difficult to even walk.  Last night I took a muscle relaxers and an analgesic tablet, but I’m not sure that really helped much.  One of my girlfriends tried to get me to call my doctor last night.  Yes, my five-year pill partner (Arimidex) causes bone and muscle pain. But I’m much too embarrassed to tell my doc the real reason my legs hurt so intensely.

The truth:  I danced my hairdo off Saturday night at a wedding in St. Louis, and now my legs are experiencing a terrible hangover!  Never mind all this pain.  I had a wonderful time.  I haven’t danced like that since the Little Rock Haiti Benefit Concert in early February, or maybe the CARTI Tux 'n Trees Gala last December.  But the mood was just right and the dancing felt so good.  Yes, I would do it all over again.  Here’s to celebrations with good friends and dancing with your man until your legs fall off!!  HA!


Speaking of dancing my hairdo off . . . Saturday was a big day for this cancer lady.  I also had my first haircut since January.  My mother had been encouraging me to get it trimmed up.  But I kept thinking – "I have so little hair up there.  Shouldn’t I just be letting it grow longer each day?"

Then my friend Cissy sent me a message – “You're just about to need a haircut.” 

When we met up with the girls in St. Louis, they both said that my hair might need a little trimming.  At this point, I'm definitely feeling as if there is a haircut conspiracy going on here.  So when I asked Tim his opinion, he was non-committal, which meant he agreed with them all.  Tim soon spotted a nice hair salon in the hotel lobby.  Imagine my embarrassment, with so little hair, to seriously ask for a haircut appointment.  

It was kind of like baby’s first hair cut.  I must admit, there wasn’t much to cut, but what little trimming she did made my hairstyle look a bit neater, more in proportion.  

So, here’s a photo of me with new hairdo, with my two favorite girls, at a wonderful wedding for very dear friends. 

Life is good, and me and my short gray hair are gonna keep on dancing! 


UAMS called yesterday.  They’ve rescheduled my surgery for this Friday.  While I had planned on having the weekend to get a few things done (mainly my Christmas shopping finished), I’m anxious to get this behind me and start (and complete) the radiation treatments.  So this Friday, surgery it will be.  And hopefully this will be the last one!  Three surgeries in one year – it’s about all this woman can handle!! 


  1. You dance, Stacy! And rock that sporty new haircut! You are one of the most amazing women I have ever known! You ARE beautiful!


  2. Yes Ma'am, shorter hair flatters you, Stacy!

  3. Stacy, so glad you had a good time dancing at the wedding! You deserved it for sure.
    Good news about the hair trim, too.
    I will be thinking about you on Friday and wishing you the best!
    Prayers for a quick recovery from this surgery.
    I will be anxious to read an update afterwards.

  4. Your hair is gorgeous, hope they didn't trim too much off or flatten it, it really looked good when I saw you. Can't tell much about the "do" from the pix, but it is a wonderful picture of you and your sweet loving daughters. Glad you had a good time!

  5. Thinking about you, girl. Hope all goes well today.


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