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04 October 2010

Getting My Groove Back

When you’re a cancer patient, or in cancer treatment, there is a common phrase that you often hear.  It goes something like this:  “Nothing like a little cancer to help you put your priorities in proper perspective.” 

And that’s correct.  For me, it’s about God and family and children and friends.  It’s also about love and hope, patience and persistence.  And yes, it can also be about a good nap, hair on your head and strong legs. 

But tonight, it was a little thing that mattered most to me. 

For six months now, my energy level has been terribly low.  I’ve joked with others about my inability to cook like I once did as I cook for an hour, then take a nap, then cook some more, than another nap – and on it goes.  Poor Tim – he has been the biggest victim of this lethargy.  How many nights has he cooked alone, then cleaned up the kitchen alone while I slept on the sofa pretending to watch television.  This has been a big change from our normal routine, which is cooking and cleaning together. 

But tonight I got my groove back.  My magic spell has returned!!  Got my mojo working!  Tonight I cooked the dinner AND cleaned the kitchen. 




Yes, tonight I feel good and I’m feeling empowered by that!! 

Here’s to the little things in life.  For some of us, the little things matter too. 


Today Dr. Makhoul and I did an interview with KTHV about Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  They think the story will run next Monday night.  The story appears to be about the perils of IBC, how to diagnose it, recommended course of treatment, etc.  It’s might also be about the emotional aspects of cancer – the fighting spirit.  One thing is for sure – it’s much easier to have a fighting spirit when your oncologist shares that spirit with you.  I wrote this down as Dr. Makhoul said it today:  

A good cancer is a dead cancer, or one that you never have.  There is no good cancer.  All cancer is bad. 

Amen Dr. Makhoul!  

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  1. Yeaa, all right, hooray, you go girl! And I really don't want to miss that KTHV show, sigh. Next Monday...ok.


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