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10 September 2010

A Very Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday, and a big one at that.  I’ve now been on this planet for fifty years doing all the normal things, acting out all the typical scenarios that make up life.  But yesterday I woke up and realized that I was really here to celebrate another year of life. 

As I do each morning, like I have for the past several months, I immediately thanked God for the day, and for giving me my brilliant medical team who has spared my life.  And because of them, I am celebrating another birthday. 

Without a doubt, this birthday was enormously special.  Instead of just celebrating being born, in a way I was actually giving praise for being reborn.  It may sound very strange to some, but this cancer journey has definitely transformed my life in many positive ways.  I’m certain other cancer survivors feel much the same way. 

My first birthday since cancer reminded me of the struggles overcome and the triumphs made since first hearing that ugly word “cancer.”  I was reminded of how much I’ve grown since my last birthday, and I reflected on the many new doors that have been opened, the beautiful new people that have graced my life.  And while I may not have welcomed this cancer experience, right now I know I can be tough as a nickel steak, filled with grizzle, if need be. 

This year, my fiftieth year, while I may have become a cancer patient, I also kicked cancer’s butt.  I’M A SURVIVOR!  I have proven myself to be a worthy opponent for this dreadful disease.  And because cancer is a chronic disease that never leaves us, I am even more determined to fight this battle and forever be the victor. 

So to my family and friends and those fighting and surviving cancer, join me in celebrating life, and what it’s all about – struggles and challenges, tenacity and new directions.  Throughout the duration, it’s up to each one of us to rebirth our own spirit, put on our Superman cape, and run, not walk, through whatever barriers come our way. 

Thank you God and doctors, thank you family and friends and prayer warriors for giving me strength and courage and high spirits to help me get to this beautiful day.  I am forever grateful. 

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